ULMAA LOGO 003ULMAA Mission Statement:

To provide Martial Arts School leaders With strategic vision, Training and resources to keep their programs relevant and effective into the next generation.

We believe that REAL CHANGES are sometimes necessary to keep today’s martial arts schools relevant.  When ULMAA was developed, we thought through the question, “What do we want in an association? What tools do we need to be successful? What kind of support/community do we want?”.  When we applied our responses to those questions, we came up with some AWESOME INNOVATIONS.

ULMAA Provides amazing tools such as:

  • NEW Drills Video Library with over 100 drills!!!
  • Full instructor team development program
  • Social media and in-school marketing concepts
  • Holiday marketing ideas
  • Academic school leadership talks
  • P.E. Warrior Fit Program
  • Live Events
  • Seminar Concepts
  • Phone Scripts
  • Fully customizable student and instructor handbooks

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