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Why Join ULMAA?

What is ULMAA all about in 1 word?


We don’t want to see school owners just surviving… We want to see them THRIVE! We know that times are challenging. We also know that we are a part of one of the most necessary occupations in the world today. We are responsible for raising the confidence levels and setting the moral codes of the millions of Martial Arts practitioners worldwide. The challenges come in when we want to be a part of a group of other schools and we are faced with joining an organization that cares more about the organization than the schools in it or a small group that don’t offer the tools necessary for us to grow. Martial Arts Association and Consulting Yes, we have a “cool” brand, modern curriculum and a great leadership council, but more importantly, Ultimate Leadership Martial Arts Association brings schools the tools and network they need, not just to survive… but to THRIVE! Contact us today to find out how we can positively impact your studio.

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Solid Curriculum

ULMAA provides studios with a modern & scalable curriculum including forms, sparring, self defense, board breaking, and one-steps.


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Being a part of ULMAA means you get the brand assets that you need to help market your business for websites, social media and print.


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Instructor Team Development

ULMAA’s Instructor Team Development program is a GAME CHANGER; finally a system that allows your team to grow!

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Continued Education

ULMAA has on-going training through monthly online webinars and in-person annual events. Great events to bring along your staff!


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