Solid Curriculum

Curriculum: ULMA Assoc. provides studios with a foundational curriculum including forms, sparring, self-defense, board breaking, and 1 steps. All of this is outlined in ULMA’s manuals (see below). Licensees will have access to a ready-made rotational curriculum. Schools will also get ongoing curriculum support. Each 10-12 testing cycle you will receive a full Curriculum Packet. This packet (which will also be available online) will layout each week’s and day’s curriculum. At a glance, instructors will be able to see what the day’s topic, drills, conditioning moves are.
Manuals: All ULMA manuals have been edited and approved by Mr. Dave Kovar, ULMA’s Senior Instructor Team Advisor. The student and instructor manuals will be instrumental in delivering the best to students. The manuals can be used as-is or edited by the school owner to include all of your own vital information. The instructor manual includes all requirements of being an instructor as well as expected behaviors, teaching concepts, classroom setups, drill and activity ideas and more.

Leadership Strength 2015Leadership Curriculum: ULMA is about Leadership Training. Instructors will have access to leadership sheets for students to complete as a part of their training. These sharp-looking sheets will include 20 missions for students to try to accomplish. The lessons center around ULMA’s 5 Tenets of Leadership, Strength, Commitment, Knowledge, and Respect.


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